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母親がオーナーをしているヴィーガンカフェ“Queen's Veggie Cafe”を拠点にフリーでウェブデザイン、グラフィックデザイン、そして英会話レッスンをしています。





 My name is Suzune who works at vegan cafe Queen's Veggie Cafe and is a Makuhari based creative and freelance web designer.

My mother started to open the Queen's Veggie Cafe, which was her long-cherished dream, from this March and I created he cafe's website for the first time in my life. I had so much fun to make it so it became one of new hobbies at that time. I have a skill set to design advertisements, menus, and create videos as well.


 Later, some people who saw the cafe's website asked me to create their websites, so I decided to start the web design into new business from just hobby. I am constantly looking to expand my skill set and love including new and original concepts to all my clients. I'm particularly passionate about working with small businesses as I believe everyone should have the opportunity to reflect the love they have for business with the power of a strong and timeless design. 








​更に、アメリカでの留学経験を生かし、英会話レッスンも8月から開始しました。ご興味がある方はENGLISH Lessonページをご覧ください。




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